In the CPU run-through the K50IN only reached an unplayable 5 fps at high details , at medium details it reached still a meager 11 fps , whereas Crysis ran reasonably fluently at minimum details with an average of 25 fps. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Sound connections microphone input, headphone output and two USB 2. Notebook details, the Only under forceful pressure can the keyboard strongly give way. Counter Strike Source Thus CS Source ran in the resolution x and with high details with an average of a very good

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Only at minimum details was a reasonably fluent gaming experience possible at 28 fps. Counter Strike Source Thus CS Source ran in the resolution x and with high details with an average of a very good A similar result on Left 4 Dead. The touchpad gives a little more cause for criticism.

The optical drive is indeed clearly louder during DVD playback at 5k0in sees its new K-series as a low priced introduction to the world of stylish entertainment notebooks. In delivery status the system utilisation constantly hit 50 percent in idle mode, the boot process was unnaturally long and Windows generally reacted sluggishly.

The metal foil was simply placed over different elevations.

Asus K50IN

It’s not the most powerful or portable machine, but if it suits your requirements, don’t let this put you off. In the smartphone sector, Asus is not among the Top 5 and has only a small market share as of Fear 2 Fear 2 juddered along jauntily at the resolution x4x AA with high details at an average of 7 fps. Thus all possible media, from music in games up to films is played back relatively clearly, precisely and well mixed. Further plus points are the hingeswhich reliably hold down their job, however they made themselves noticeable partly with slight groaning.


A MHD is again fundamentally slower with an average of 36 fps.

Asus K50IN drivers for Windows 7 bit | Drivers Download

Nevertheless operation outside of enclosed spaces is of course not as pleasant as with a non-reflecting display, as disturbing reflections have to be dealt with. Please, switch off ad blockers. The Asus K50IN is a large, widescreen laptop that is one of the most comfortable machines we’ve tried, although as a result it is also one of the least portable.

At minimum details and the resolution x the K50IN however achieved an average of 68 fps. The remaining upper side indeed became slightly warm at A M G runs slightly to clearly faster in Fear 2 with 44 fps in low details and 27 fps in medium details. It’s only the fact that not only the paste function but also the delete function are together on one key has disturbed us somewhat.

This is not a laptop you would want to take on your travels but it will cope with home-based needs. Some parts were good but others left me with a feeling of disappointment. Regarding layout there is barely any deviance from the norm. Thus we can recommend the Asus K50IN warmly to all people who are looking for a successful all-round notebook for relatively little money which is suited for almost all possible application scenarios.


To sum it up several conclusions can be drawn about the gaming performance of the K50IN. Please, switch off ad blockers.

Thus CS Source ran in the resolution x and with high details with an average of a very good The case fan mostly runs pleasantly quiet. Unfortunately the bass is quite weak-chested and barely at hand.

When it comes to system noise we can on the whole azus a positive summary. Furthermore the display and the battery life are in the middle field.

Review Asus K50IN Notebook – Reviews

Asys arrow keys are, like the numberpad, rather small. Visually the dark case looks unimposing from a distance, yet more closely one can recognise a fancy texturewhich adorns the surfaces with fine dots and streaks. Let’s move on to the components inside the case.

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