They have two channels, which are mapped to front left and right. But one of the reasons for leaving it enabled is that the mic doesn’t seem to work on this sound card see a bit longer description above , beside other “odd things” that I’ve observed at least odd to me, again, I am really not that into audio aspect of computing. Yes, you’ll first need to tell Windows how many speakers you have that’s the “Quadrophonic” versus “Desktop stereo speakers” that you did , after which Windows should know to direct audio to the appropriate speakers. Jun 26, Posts: Wed Jul 06, 1:

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That explanation makes sense, thanks. Wed Jul 06, Actually I’ve been using foobar at one point, but I simply prefer XMPlay and others prefer Winampthen others some other player. Audil to Windows Forum 1 total post Page 1 of 1. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. This doesn’t sound like a refresh rate problem. It’s simply a chance for some poorly written software aucio decide that it’s aucio going to output to the wrong card for no good reason whatsoever, or have poorly written drivers clash, etc.

If your refresh rate takes a dive to the point that it’s noticeable for any reason, then you are well below 60fps, and the problem is more likely caused by problems with the custom skins. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.


Sound Card Trouble

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Audio avance 97 audio reviews. I also took the computer to a computer repair facility and had a couple of their technicians try to correct the problem.

On the second page there are only my two posts from today so you an check them out this text below is pretty much the second post. You currently have javascript disabled. I have tweaked my config files, and even tried HLToolz to get my fps above I am at a loss as to what to try next short of formatting the hard drive and starting from square one. Similar Threads Microphone Settings Problem.

Problem with rear speakers; they work for movies but not for mp3s! – Ars Technica OpenForum

Mar 22, Posts: Choose the Voice tab, locate the Voice Playback heading, and click the Advanced button. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. The microphone should now work correctly. Another thing you could do is goto Add Hardwarethen either let it search for your sound card, or you specify the hardware you want to install.


Problem with rear speakers; they work for movies but not for mp3s!

Mon Nov 10, 4: The media player opens automatically, but comes up with an error message saying it can’t play that sort of file. If you want 4 channels to play a 2 channel source, look for a “Stereo x 2” mode or something that will duplicate the front channels to the rear. What you can do is go to your Hardware Profilesand delete your sound card entry, then refresh, then see what happens after it tells you it found it if it says soand then you re-install the drivers for it.


If I remove the sound card and try to reactivate the onboard Avance 97 sound. I guess better luck next time!

I’m not sure what your avace97 player has for this, but in the standard foobar2k, it’s the Channel Mixer. Well and if I already created all those screenshots I will post at least some of them.

Phile personal for online audio. Nov 27, Posts: I tried it and it did not correct my problem. Several functions may not work. I have seen XP get it wrong before, and with an Avance sound card installing the wrong drivers, XP say are correct, but are in fact wrong.

Sorry that did not work out, for the momentI actually missed the.

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