Rather than overhaul that standard, an optional J standard was created to cover these vehicle applications. The J standard can be used to reprogram most applicable and newer emissions-related control modules. Talk to your kids about Miles visits his forger Uncle Lou, who creates a fake badge and transfer papers that allow Miles to enter the building posing as a newly transferred Detective Malone. Dave Chappelle as Tulley.

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Steve Rankin as Agent Gray. I’m from Internal Affairs.

J Reprogramming: No Flash in the Pan | MOTOR

If you’re looking to purchase an aftermarket J reprogramming tool and need to nlue GM vehicles, make ed6510 the tool you select is both J and J compliant. I’m not from West Covina. The film received mixed reviews. Aftermarket equipment manufacturers use this standard to develop generic pass- thru reprogramming tools that should work on all Jcompliant vehicles. He’ll still need to perform the steps recommended in the TSB, but in the end, if all the actions check good, Technician B can perform streeak recommended ECM reprogramming, which may correct the issue.

Pleasant diversion with lots of silly fun for teens. John Hawkes as Eddie. Most of us would be inclined to say a rpm idle speed shift would be acceptable, but the customer insists the vehicle just is not right. While the team of bandits do indeed succeed in breaking through the buildings security and swindle the diamond, when Miles and Eddie reach Deacon on the roof, however, he states that he is too greedy to spilt the value of the gem four ways, thus killing Eddie, and attempting to finish off Miles, who is holding steeak to the jewel, but before Deacon has the chance, the police arrive, strea off goes Tulley in the getaway car, leaving Deacon and Miles no way to escape except to flee to a construction site nearby.


Views Read Edit View history. Martin Lawrence as Miles Logan.

The document should explain that reprogramming is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, and that the shop does not control the content of the calibration files.

I’m not from West Covina. There, Deacon manages to avoid being arrested by the cops, but never gets his hand on stdeak gem. Once the reprogramming is complete, the ECM starts the idle speed relearn procedure without the old idle adaptive information.

Miles is happy to once again be a free citizen. Some vehicle manufacturers have developed a validation process to answer this question.

Informizely customer feedback surveys. Damian Foster as Thug. The TSB describes a condition where the “in-use” learned idle IAVL may be higher than normal due to vacuum leaks, idle speed control issues or, in some cases, after throttle body deposits have been removed. Miles and Eddie sneak in the building, that beholds the valuable rock, from the roof using a steady rope to lure them down through the elevator shaft to their destination: There were plans for a sequel, but never materialized.


She dumps him for lying to her about bleu criminal life, and Miles decides to go retrieve the diamond.

This is where you select the specific pass-thru tool. The police arrive and Miles is forced to hide the diamond in the ductwork of a building being constructed. In recent conversations with vehicle manufacturers, an important version control issue was brought to my attention.

Deacon escapes with the diamond in an armored truck and the police and FBI follow as he approaches the border to Mexico.

Dave Chappelle as Tulley. Most manufacturers make the calibration and reprogramming files available via the Internet.

Blue Streak

Technicians A and B followed what most of us would consider good diagnostic strategies. Edit Cast Blje overview, first billed only: Cycle the ignition key from key on, engine off to key off. There are two options in the center of the screen: Since I had heard so many not so rave reviews about “Blue Streak,” I wasn’t really expecting that much strreak of it.

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