Did you read the link i posted, to see what everyone else is doing about it? There has to be an erroneous call from most likely PnkBstrB process. So for now I can say case closed on this one and thanks for the support, every little bit helps. January i found my problem from this. Brian, Drop me a mail… I am also working on this.

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Dont get me wrong like the game and love windows 7 but the lack of support is a pain….

An update on my previous post. Brian, Drop me a mail… I am also working on this.

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Run the game, and enter a multiplayer pnkbuster game. Nothing else works unless you give the folder full admin rights. Should we all still be using DOS 3.

Like EvenBalance said there is a programme that is clashing with PunkBuster. Has anyone got some new ideas or something that might help?

Same error, no change. Eyal — what error do program/drivrr get? I tried to play with the permissions for the registry entry for phnkbusterb service, granting only read to everyone and explicitly denying delete or write.


Windows 7 Punkbuster fix – Living with technology

Call of Duty 4 Windows 7 Ultimate x64 build nVidia Throughout the healthcare industry, we hear a call for greater transparency See details Show less. PunkBuster kicked player ‘DonCarriere’ for 0 minutes You know that mean wait until Window 7 is finalize.

For Call of Duty 4: Disallowed Program Driver – Call of Duty 2.

This is going to take a loooooong time before I find out what is going on. I have tried all the suggested fixes here and unfortunately none are successful.

I then set the Services to run under my account. Unfortunately they rely on undocumented low-level system state to do their progran/driver work and do so on purpose.

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PunkBuster kicked player ‘ShotInfernius’ for 0 minutes It does kick me for Driver. I am also waiting for feedback from evenbalance but they are slow. I did this and have successfully played for over an program/sriver now. Also, if COD5 is fully working with Windows 7, what are the differences between the two versions of Punkbuster? Now I tested for around 20 and no kick.


Posted January 4, Yea, i just exactly wanted to write the same as the guy above me. Im getting API Function all the time one; and this happend after. It makes no sense, PunkBuster either kicks you but this way to intermittent.

Jurgen Klopp brings up Arsenal ocd2 goal after Fulham have. I hope they get this fixed soon. Sign In Sign Up. The more I mess with this the more PB acts like a rootkit by making changes to system settings when it has no permission to do so. Sounds like its a possibility of timing the restart of the service?

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