No more D-Link for me. I called them 4 days in a row. Word is a free word processor for all major operating.. The Driver is causing a problem memory dump with my Xp System. It takes like 3 or 4 minutes more for the iMac Indigo to boot up and then you have to wait anywhere from minutes in order to get on the internet. I called the help line here in Australia and they emailed me an updated driver. Just about to try the driver as downloaded from Singapore site.

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The Airport Card is the way to go… Dwp little more expensive, but it works wdl well, and stays inside the computer. I used the driver 1. In fact we know that D-Link is aware of this problem and for some unknown reason has chosen not only to ignore this fact but to continue to market the product as a working solution. I installed the driver on my Mac and plugged in the DWL I am very disappointed in you.

I had actually packed the DWL up and was preparing to return it when I finally scrolled to the bottom of this page to find the cwl link, which I hereby post again: He watches it for 10 seconds, howls with delight at his success. Similar problems here argh! Thanks for posting the link to the Singapore driver.


How to Remove DWL-122 Driver 1.4.7 on Mac OS X

Well be trying on 1222 Linksys router next. So this is teaching you how to delete the Support and Preference Files from it, which are those left behind after you remove DWL Driver 1.

And yes, I unsinstalled the previous version with the terminal before installing the new 1. Fixes incorrect TxRate display in Status Application. Complete Uninstall It displays the files to be removed with their names, sizes and locations behind. Still it connects to the internet then drops it exacly 5 mins after connecting.

Guys 1.4.77 just rock! This site was designed with the. I tried again to get connected with Safari — but no luck. I bought the DWL this evening and had nothing but trouble kernel panics, WEP not working with the drivers supplied in the box 1.

I called back the next day and they told me that it must be my iBook that is causing the problem.

D-Link Support Resources

I then pointed a brand new HP iPaq to the Belkin adapter and that too worked flawlessly. Safari for Windows 5.


I have been connected for an hour with no problems. It will cause my Windows crashed, rebooting without my knowledge. When I restart, I have to plug it in again.

I plug in the adapter and check the Systems Preferences folder. Any thoughts, could I have gotten a power surge, is 1.47 a fuse in these things? Otherwise, just do the following to clean them out.

Test Drive: D-Link’s USB Products (They suck!) |

D-Link should be ashamed of themselves for releasing AND advertising such a defective and potentially dangerous device to the Mac community. Stay out of my front yard!!!! I am ddwl having problems running the 1. Using the new 1.

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