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Add desired media into Tray 1. Check the cable connections to see if they are secure. If the problem persists, contact your dealer or HP service representative. Use Tray 1 to print envelopes, labels, transparencies, cardstock or custom-sized media. Media Each printer has two trays: Contact your dealer or HP service representative. Error light is on and Data light is on – Data error.

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Light patterns provide both status and error messages. If you continue to hp 6p printer data you may need to add more printer memory. With the Microfine toner print cartridge installed, the net weight for each printer is Tray 1 light on – Temporary Connection Break.

If the same light pattern appears, turn pirnter printer off for 10 minutes. To determine the cause of the data error, simultaneously press and hold Go prknter Job Cancel. hp 6p printer

IR status light hp 6p printer – A job is being printter form an IrDA-compliant device, such as a laptop or notebook computer, to the printer. For a temporary solution simplify the image or print at a dpi resolution.

Tray 1 status light on – A job hp 6p printer been sent to Tray 1, and the tray is out of media.

Postcards, 3 x 5 index cards, and other custom-sized media can be printed hp 6p printer Tray 1. If the problem persists, printe your dealer or HP service representative. The printer detected a problem requiring service.

Error, Data and Tray 1 lights on – Temporary Error. Error, Data and Ready lights on – Temporary Error.

HP LaserJet 6p Specs – CNET

Press Go to clear the message. Tray 2 is designed for paper use only. When the Tray 1 status light blinks, make sure the correct media is loaded in Tray 1 and press hp 6p printer Go button on the bp to print each page. The printer will automatically print once the media is in place.

HP LaserJet 6P C3980A Refurbished

Printer memory is full. Data light and Ready light both remain on – There is unprinted data in the printer. A hp 6p printer error occurred during printing. Skip to main content. The manual feed feature allows you to feed paper from Tray 1 rather than printr feeding hp 6p printer Tray 2. Make sure you are using a high-quality cable. Tray 2 empty light on – Tray 2 is empty.

HP LaserJet 6P Specs – CNET

If the Manual Feed with Pause option is turned on, the printer will hp 6p printer between each page in the print job. However, there are a few differences between the two printers that place the 6MP slightly above the 6P. This could cause a paper jam.

An abnormal break during transmission of the data from the computer to the printer. Press Go to resume printing.

A problem has been detected concerning an installed SIMM: Use Tray 1 to print envelopes, labels, transparencies, cardstock or custom-sized media. Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

The print job was primter complex for available printer hp 6p printer. Each light briefly turns on and off, in sequence – The printer is warming up, processing a hp 6p printer test, or canceling a print job.