Useful if you need to sync an Apple Device that MusicBee does not support. Plugin will delete all automatically created files e. Wish musicbee could handle it so I could ditch using MediaMonkey at all, but it can’t so I can’t. I have looked for answers and it seems to never be discussed, as every question concerning an ipod or such device is referring to another matter. License Do all you want with plugin binary and source code at your own risk.

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Connect your device to computer. Windows 10 Pro Media Player: June 03, You’ll need a separate player, but it’s very helpful. Your browser does not support javascript or it is disabled.

The only reason I even tried it was a list of iTunes alternatives had this as number 1. I know them all too well. May 23, I use 3utools to import that folder and sync it to the iPhone. The latest MusicBee v3. I am also having the same problems but having seeen the type of response someone gets for even asking about this, I will be deleting this program from my system immediately and certainly won’t be using it again.

It may not serve as a complete iTunes replacement, but it certainly goes some of the way and it worth checking out.


License Do all you want with plugin binary and source code at your own risk. If you need to auto-synchronize your device use device preferences in MusicBee.


Installation Extract content of archive to plugins subfolder of MusicBee installation folder e. If you’re looking for a tool to copy music between your Apple device and PC, PodTrans is a great choice. BTW, almost every question one can ask can be found by searching, so why musicbew have a questions forum?

How to put music files onto an ipod?

Latest beta patch 3. May 27, Its a long winded way around but here’s hoping someone more knowledgeable than me could write a plug in for MB to directly access an IOS device, there are many iPhone transfer programs that do it. Despite hating Jusicbee lock you into their ecosystem policy I just use iTunes for musichee, by far the easiest way if you have Apple devices, especially phones as iTune’s fully backs it up at the same time.

Track copy is automatically deleted if track is no longer contained in device media library. For many people, having to battle with iTunes is a major negative there are alternatives.

I have looked for answers and it ipd to never be discussed, as every question concerning an ipod or such device is referring to another matter. There is also a pleasing collection of add-ons to download from the MusicBee website to further extend the capabilities of the program — such as with extra audio tweaking options, network device support, and a host of visualizations. Send to recycle bin the current song and play next song by boroda Clementine available for Windows, Mac and Linux isn’t an entirely unique program — it sprang up to fill the void left when the music player Amarok took a change of direction that many users didn’t appreciate.


Musicbef is more than mudicbee a music player; it gives you the changes to better organize and manage your music collection.

For some people, however, foobar will quickly become too complicated.

Powered by SMF 2. Yet, no ipod or music device option presents itself, other than “choose a folder” which, we know, doesn’t work.

iPod & iPhone Driver – Plugins | MusicBee

It’s not the most attractive or modern-looking programs ever created, but looks can be deceiving. Skype Now Playing by boroda Clementine is another musicee replacement for iTunes.

The sleek interface focuses on making it easy musicee copy music between your computer and iPhone or iPod. Under each kind of media in device settings, only “Sync Music” should be ticked, with all other types of media unticked for sync setting:

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